Bigelow Tea

Mobile Tea Bar US Sampling Tours


  • Designed and transformed an iconic 1977 Airstream into a Mobile Tea Bar complete with tasting bar, brewers, compliant food service areas, and historical lounge
  • Recruited, trained and staffed Tour Managers and in-field staff to serve as Tea Ambassadors
  • Researched, scheduled and executed three US tours: 2016 Northeast Tour, 2015 MidWest/Pacific Coast Tour and 2014 Coastal Tour
  • Integrated social media photo activation including development and execution of “Biggie” the mascot

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Quick Stats

2016 Northeast Tour

  • Logged 3,400 miles over months visiting CT, NY, MA, RI, NH, PA, NJ, DE, DC and MD
  • 1.6 million+ over-the-road impressions
  • 91 touring days, 24 events, 23 retail stops, & university visits
  • 63,675 one-on-one interactions

2015 Midwest/Pacific Coast Tour

  • Logged 8,200 miles over 5 months visiting NY, NJ, CT, NH, MA, ID, CA, WA and AZ
  • 4 million+ over-the-road impressions
  • 127 touring days, 28 events, 39 retail stops, & university visits
  • 49,667 one-on-one interactions

2014 Coastal Tour

  • Logged over 12,500 milesover months visiting MA, NY, CT, MN, IL, ID, WA, CA, TX, FL and GA
  • 6.1 million+ over-the-road impressions
  • 98 touring days, 23 events, 19 retail stops, & university visits
  • 59,831 one-on-one interactions

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