Pick the correct over/under to win $1,000,000!

OverUnderMillionaire is an e-commerce sales acquisition startup, leveling the playing field for retailers across the U.S. that are looking for a better way to market their business through gamification.

42-year brand marketing veteran Joel Benson was fascinated by this concept but noticed many e-commerce and gamification partnerships were one-sided or potentially deemed as untrustworthy by the consumer. Instead, he launched a platform that was mutually beneficial for all parties.

Here’s how it works:

  • Consumers download the free app (no credit card needed, ever) and register to play.
  • In a series of sports betting games, users have a one in four chance to win a prize from the “Winner’s Corner.” Think HQ Trivia, but instead of taking your chance for a money prize, OverUnderMillionaire offers a rotating selection of gift cards or retail prizes (these change periodically based on current sponsors).
  • The “Winner’s Corner” consists of prizes donated by sponsors (gift cards for a preselected amount, unsold retail items, overstock, etc.).The sponsors do NOT pay OverUnderMillionaire until a user has visited their website and purchased their product.
  • The player chooses among the sponsored items, redeems their prize, and then can play all over again. Bonus: the more the user plays, the higher chance of winning and going back to the “Winner’s Corner”!

OverUnderMillionaire celebrates the popularity of sports and the growth of the e-commerce segment, creating a gratifying game with free gift cards to top retailers that entices consumers to continue playing and converting these players into loyal customers for e-commerce companies.

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