Pick the correct over/under to win $1,000,000!

OverUnderMillionaire is an e-commerce sales acquisition startup, leveling the playing field for retailers across the U.S. that are looking for a better way to market their business through gamification.

42-year brand marketing veteran Joel Benson was fascinated by this concept but noticed many e-commerce and gamification partnerships were one-sided or potentially deemed as untrustworthy by the consumer. Instead, he launched a platform that was mutually beneficial for all parties.

Here’s how it works:

  • Consumers download the free app (no credit card needed, ever) and register to play.
  • In a series of sports betting games, users have a one in four chance to win a prize from the “Winner’s Corner.” Think HQ Trivia, but instead of taking your chance for a money prize, OverUnderMillionaire offers a rotating selection of gift cards or retail prizes (these change periodically based on current sponsors).
  • The “Winner’s Corner” consists of prizes donated by sponsors (gift cards for a preselected amount, unsold retail items, overstock, etc.).The sponsors do NOT pay OverUnderMillionaire until a user has visited their website and purchased their product.
  • The player chooses among the sponsored items, redeems their prize, and then can play all over again. Bonus: the more the user plays, the higher chance of winning and going back to the “Winner’s Corner”!

OverUnderMillionaire celebrates the popularity of sports and the growth of the e-commerce segment, creating a gratifying game with free gift cards to top retailers that entices consumers to continue playing and converting these players into loyal customers for e-commerce companies.

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  1. Why be a prize sponsor on OUM?
    1. OUM is a new marketplace platform where game players are converted into customers on E-commerce sites through prize redemption. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, just a game that brings customers to sponsor sites.
  2. Who will be playing?
    1. Everyone! While OUM is positioned as a sports game, it’s free and easy to play with a chance to win a variety of prizes including the $1,000,000 Grand Prize. Based on preliminary research, we expect over one million daily players comprised of 70% men and 30% women, 18+ years of age.
  3. How does the game bring players as customers to our site?
    1. Players are eligible to collect sponsor prizes by reaching win streak levels along the way towards the $1,000,000 Grand Prize. Prizes are listed by category with description and links to sponsor’s website. Winning players selecting your prize are linked to your site for redemption.
  4. How do I apply to be a Prize Sponsor?
    1. Complete our sponsor registration form here.You’ll receive emailed instructions along with a dashboard log-in to submit your prize offer.
  5. How do we get set-up as a Prize Sponsor?
    1. After registering, you’ll receive a dashboard with instructions to use our prize banner template by entering your logo, prize and website hyperlink. You also have the option to design your own artwork for the prize banner. Access your dashboard anytime to track redemptions, add or delete prize offerings, etc.

For more FAQs, visit OverUnderMillionaire.com

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