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Pop-Up Island in the Hudson River

EventNetUSA built a private island retreat in the Hudson River, equipped with a climate controlled hut, beach volleyball court and plenty of amenaties for the Hache Family to enjoy during their 7 day tropical vacation. The island was open to the public and guests were invited to visit the island using a rented tugboat which made trips from the mainland every 30 minutes


  • Barges, temporarily anchored off lower-Manhatten, were used as the 5,400 squarefoot island’s foundation
  • 4 Tons of sand and landscaping elements were installed on the island for an authentic tropical setting
  • A generator was used to supply electricity for the hut and water tanks enabled fully functioning plumbing
  • Total island production time was 10 working days
  • Broadcast on CBS News, NBC News, ABC News and Entertainment Tonight

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