Garnier + TerraCycle

Garnier Greener Recycling Tour

Megabrand Garnier and upcycling pioneer TerraCycle partnered with EventNetUSA for the Garnier Greener Tour. The tour held events at Wal-Mart’s all over the country to raise awareness about the recyclability of cosmetic packaging, encourage people to think differently about waste, and teach simple ways to have a positive impact on the environment.

EventNetUSA helped Garnier and TerraCycle catch the attention of every Wal-Mart consumer with an impressive glass enclosed truck, Garnier styling stations and games and giveaways located near to the store entrance/exit.


  • For the Garnier Greener Tour, EventNetUSA produced and managed the glass truck, styling stations, display pieces, games and contests, site logistics for 30 Wal-Mart locations, staffing and routing.
  • The glass truck featured interactive education displays demonstrating ways to recycle empty hair care, skin care or cosmetic packaging.
  • Each event set-up included Garnier styling stations, TerraCycle collection bins to encourage consumers to recycle empty personal care and beauty items; a TerraCycle representative on site to educate on recycling and upcycling and fun games and activities.
  • Brand Ambassadors located near store entrance and exit doors educated passersby on Garnier products, recycling and upcycling as well as passed out product samples.

Want to reach consumers at retail locations where your product is sold?


  • 30 Wal-Mart stores
  • 36,000+ passive impressions
  • 17,000+ active impressions
  • 11,000+ direct impressions
  • 20,000+ product samples

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